Prepare eligible permanent residents to successfully complete the process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. It is designed for adult English language learner (ELL) students or Native or Fluent English– speaking students.

Program Structure

The course is a non-credit and is not leveled. Progress through the course is measured by attainment of the competencies listed in each level. One Literacy Completion Point (LCP) is awarded for completion of the course. To document the completion of the course and the corresponding LCP, the instructor and program administrator complete and sign a Progress Report. A copy of the Progress Report (digital or paper) must be kept in the student’s record.

A state-approved assessment must be administered to all students prior to enrollment in the course. It is recommended that students obtain the scores indicated below. Although it is required to test all students on a state-approved assessment, it is not required that all students obtain the recommended scores noted below. Programs may consider other evidence to determine the student’s ability to take the course. Adult ELL students are required to be tested in both listening and reading. Native or Fluent English-speaking students are not required to be tested in listening. Once students are enrolled in the course, they are not required to be tested on a state-approved standardized assessment, although programs may choose to do so for instructional purposes. Instructors are encouraged to use alternative assessments to guide instruction and determine progress.

The course has three parts:

  • Part I: The Naturalization Pre-Interview
  • Part II: The Naturalization Interview and the Civics, Speaking, Reading, and Writing components of the Naturalization Test
  • Part III: The Naturalization Post-Interview

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